Friday, November 14, 2008

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diaz05.jpg We are many, many, all of us who were in Genoa, to know the truth about the facts of Diaz. Therefore we must not leave them in peace, we must not give up until the truth will be established, and justice will be served.

Iatorno Fiorino, Councillor PRC in Siena, between the responsible for the Genoa Social Forum in 2001

I still remember that evening at the Diaz
. I remember the screams, the Genoese from the balconies shouting against the police and the police, the helicopter was flying too low on the pastures, the blue flashing mobile phones and flying to light the men in blue, the policemen in plain clothes and wearing the shirt of GSF and pulled the bandana on his face brandishing batons. All acquitted - except one - that is crawled, talked, gave orders and went in and out by Diaz.

I remember it well, and
these seven years have not erased any details of my head. Indeed, in an almost recovery of memory, the more time passes more special memories. I remember Gratteri with the blue helmet on the head and the tricolor flag that led the police and gave provisions to his attendants. I remember it well and never forget. I remember the face of all the boys and girls who went out and massacred by Diaz remember the English girl with dreadlocks and full of blood that is carried away on a stretcher, let me hand in his diary. And I remember going with her boyfriend Alfio Nicotra suffered in the Diaz school.
I still get goose bumps. I still rage that did not diminish and that tonight is a flood that overwhelms me and I drown. The smell strong blood, blood stains on the radiator, sleeping bags and backpacks completely empty with no sign of violence so far. The footprints of amphibian red blood bloody cops all over the floor. The teeth on the floor near a toilet full of blood. Strips on the stairs of blood of someone who has been dragged in June I could not cry. I could not scream. I could not not hate men.
I hated them with all my might and more. For about two months I barely slept. I was wrong. But I thought, I have always tried to believe that justice would come. What happened was something too far fetched, an absence of law so strong that it could not be punished. MI was evident that Genoa could not remain without justice. And yet here I am tonight, not to write what I wanted to write. Lines full of anger, disappointment because the principals of the carnage, the principals of the Chilean butcher - he said Fournier - were acquitted.
Without justice, all of us without justice. Tomorrow some papers left to cry shame, many others report the news as if it were normal judicial reporting and sentenced to 13 people appear to many. Instead this sentence offends us, offends the victims of that violence, especially offends our Constitution and our country. It leaves us terribly alone and without justice. Without justice is Diaz, Carlo Giuliani, without justice, without justice the victims of the violence of those days.
The message is clear: in Italy "servants of the state" may violate the Constitution, beat free citizens, make up false evidence and peace of mind. Nay more. But it is clear, however, that there is no peace without justice and we will never accept to forget those days they want to hunt and kill our democracy. We can not resign ourselves to the love we have towards our Constitution, we can not accept this ruling and we can not accept that Gratteri live in peace.

believe in the truth involves believe in justice. Truth is one of many who were unanimous in Genoa for a just world and that there were that night, they saw and heard the stories. The Gratteri today and with more intensity, in accordance with our Constitution, we can not leave them alone. We without justice, without their peace.
November 14, 2008


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